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STANLEY-FX NEWS UPDATE 8th September 2016

Tremolo Bob Bates Custom

Bob Bates Custom Tremolo

8-9-2016 Latest News On The Blue Nebula Echo Pedal Next Batch (7) will be available soon.

Details of the seventh batch of Blue Nebula pedals will be available through the mailing list within the next 24 hours and available to pre order.

As a huge amount of emails are being received the only way to know when the pedals will be added to the website will be through the 'Mailing List' This I believe for now to be the fairest way to inform everyone as you will all get the email at the same time which will also state the date and time that the Blue Nebula page will be active..


Baby Blue Echo Pedals are now back and ready to PRE order

The GoldMine 2 Reverb is currently being finalized and should be ready by MID October.

I have also been working on an all analogue Tremolo pedal which is sounding pretty good already.



Blue Nebula Echo GoldMine Reverb Classic Overdrive Baby Blue EchoBluesman
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