• 18-07-2021

    New Release 'DINKY' pedals

    The NEW range of Dinky sized pedals 'The British Thirty' and the NEW 'BluesMan' are the first two to be added to the range and are now ready for production. These will become available to pre-order directly from the Website very soon.

  • 20-04-2020

    Blue Nebula Owners Club

    This group is for owners and prospective owners of the Blue Nebula Guitar Effects pedal manufactured by StanleyFX and is run by and with the support of StanleyFX and the Blue Nebula Development Team. This is the place to find out about the latest developments in the firmware and software and support for the Blue Nebula and find answers to your BN-related questions from the people who know: the developers and other owners. Please note that this is a moderated group and any posts not related to the Blue Nebula or offensive posts or items considered to be spam will be removed. You are welcome to submit your suggestions for patches and these may be supported by short sound clips to illustrate them. Please do NOT post complete covers of any tunes - there are plenty of other outlets for this.

  • 04-01-2018

    New look website

    Welcome to the new look website, totally redesigned from the ground up in the hope that it will now be easier to navigate and find all the content that is available. As the site grows and more content added I believe that a more functional website with easier to find documents and downloads will be welcomed by all.

    This BLOG section is where all the latest news will be placed. Everything from downloads, firmware updates, to plans for new pedals. It will all be posted here first.

    The website is still under construction and content is being added so if you click on a link and it has brought you here instead of where you may have expected then that part of the page has not yet been completed.